700 Chase Ave, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
700 Chase Ave, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
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We are looking for an experienced Truck Shop Manager/Senior Mechanic
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Timely salary every week, a friendly, stable, and robust team of professionals.

The yard is located at:
700 Chase Ave Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Job responsibilities:
Computer diagnostics;
To train and guide shop personnel;
To organize and coordinate any and all repairs;
To schedule employees' work and vacation hours;
To manage and discipline employees according to company guidelines;
Perform all ordering and receiving of parts and supplies;
Perform diagnostics, engine rebuilds, service, and repair to all "over the road" trucks;
Delegate and manage all daily work orders by priority;
Perform annual inspections on all semi-trucks and trailers;
To ensure a safe and healthy work environment.
You need to know almost everything in truck repair.
You need to perform an efficient management of a truck shop with 8 employees.
Trailer repair experience;
Welding experience;
Communication and organization;
Be friendly and able to work in a team.
About us
Since the day it opened for business, Chicago-based trucking company RT Group Logistics has worked hard to become a leader in the trucking industry. Every year, we spend more than most other companies in the area to ensure you're rolling in the newest truck possible. Our fleet equipped with the latest technology to keep you comfortable and safe. Also, we have in house truck shop which is always open to your advantage!
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700 Chase Ave, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007